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TLDR; I made Poly Capture, an app that makes screen time-lapses, over the course of two months. It’s in the Mac App Store if you want to check it out. If you want to ask any questions or see what else I’m doing, find me on Twitter.

A little over two months ago, without having any SwiftUI or Xcode experience, I decided to make my first macOS app.

The idea was simple: I wanted a tool to make time-lapses of my screen activity. Whenever I’d made screen time-lapses in the past, I’d use QuickTime to record my entire screen, then…

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Web 2.0 is built on private databases (AWS, Azure) and runs on national currencies (dollars, euros, yuan). Companies create middleware to ensure safe transactions.

Web 3.0 is built on public databases (blockchains) and runs on decentralized currencies (Bitcoin, Ether, tokens). Companies, groups and individuals program currencies and smart contracts for safe transactions.

They are not mutually exclusive. There are already many instances of Web 2.5, especially in enterprise, finance and government.

Blake Hunsicker

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